Service Course Velo has always had service at the center of it’s ethos. I’ve never built the shop around how many bikes did I sell or trying to carry every possible accessory or piece of clothing. It has always been about providing the best possible work done on your bike without compromise. Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to provide quality service to my clientele that didn’t always require a wrench in my hand and a your bike in the stand. It’s been great helping people restore their vintage road bikes, experience cyclo-cross for the first time, teach clinics, expose folks to the myriad of beautiful gravel the State of Jefferson offers, and be a resource for many questions about the bike and bike industry in general.

Over the last five years of being open I’ve seen an increasing demand for custom handmade wheels and very personalized service to customers who want their bikes to perform the best they can. Wheel sales have started to go to all points of the country. I’ve built and shipped custom wheels to customers as far as New England, Brooklyn, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida. Mostly through social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram. I do most of my walk in and appointment service calls doing fairly intensive repairs and maintenance to make certain the bikes are dialed in and race and ride ready. The shop started out with a fairly non-traditional bike shop business model and over the course of the last five years has evolved even more away from the standard brick and mortar bike shop.

Starting April 18th, what is thought of as “the shop” or the retail space will be open by appointment only. I’m moving towards more online sales of wheel builds and concierge service of bikes. Eventually I’ll be moving out of the Ashland St. location into a smaller, repair and service only shop nestled somewhere not in a strip mall. That move will happen by the end of this May. I’ll still be wrenching on bikes, building wheels, planning gravel rides, and doing CX clinics, I just won’t be doing them from a traditional retail space.

Thanks again for all the support over the last five years and I look forward to continuing to provide the Rogue Valley and the greater State of Jefferson with excellent service.


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  2. Brad Reed

    Hey Thom – what would be the cost to have you build me a disc wheelset for my Kona Jake? The snake. This is Brad Reed, I bought my bike from you a couple of years back. I am a chunk so looking for stong and durable. I am scheduled to ride the Seattle to Portland ride in July. Mostly using the bike for road/gravel riding. OEM wheels are working fine just looking for in upgrade.

    May 14, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    • Hey Brad,
      Good to hear you’re looking to knock out some big miles on the Jake. You’d be looking around the $650 point to get a set of CX/Gravel/Road disc wheels. They’d be lighter and a bit stiffer and stronger than the stock wheels, too. You could also use them for road and CX tubeless which would lower rolling resistance, add comfort, and almost eliminate the chance of pinch flats.

      May 14, 2016 at 5:35 pm

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