Big Intercourse

Got your attention? How’s that for a title? Funny story about that. A long time ago when I dabbled in poorly promoting mountain bike races, I was discussing the Beginner’s Course with some volunteers. Between my mumbling style of speech and their relative newness to the sport, they kept giggling every time I mentioned what they heard as the “big intercourse”. Long story short, we all come into a sport not always knowing the vocabulary and shorthand, and the inside baseball talk and shorthand used by the old timers can make it worse to get a handle on what a person needs.

What I’m driving at is cyclocross season is fast approaching and for those of us in the industry, we are well aware it’s the fastest growing segment of the sport and for damn good reason. We are in on the lingo and all the tech and everything that goes along with that. However, right now for a beginner, it’s a very confusing time. Disc or no disc, 9,10, or 11 speed, tubulars, tubeless, or (gasp!) tubes. Never mind the myriad of frame material options that ALL are valid if done well and dastardly if not. Lots of questions for lots of newbies coming into the sport. It might be kinda nice to not clog their info intakes and run them off our great little niche before they get a toe hold.

Service Course Velo is going to offer up for a limited time (pretty much until after the cross season of 2014) a super secret, special handshake, guy who knows a guy who knows a guy deal for the cross neophyte. If this is your first time racing cyclocross, swing by and sit down with me for a spell and we’ll talk cross and cross bike and I promise to spill as much unvarnished, unbiased truth as possible. I’ll even tell you to go buy a bike from a competing bike shop if that’s the best option for you. If you want to talk online retailers, that’s fine too, but you’ll have to tolerate a brief spiel about buying local. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the standard assembly and tune rate for a mail order bike, but I promise little to no snark.

Here’s the breakdown on the deal.

if you wind up buying a bike somewhere else, whether it was online or local, you’ll get free bike counseling leading up the purchase, a free bike fit after the fact (usually costs $50), a sweet YO! SCV Cross! sticker and if you want to, a matching t-shirt at my cost.

Buy a bike through Service Course Velo under $2000 and you’ll get the free bike counseling, free bike fit (again 50 bones usually), I’ll pay your entry to the excellent intro to cyclocross clinic at Cycle Analysis, one entry fee to the Southern Oregon Outlaw Cyclocross race of your choice, the free sticker and this time, I’ll throw in the t-shirt no charge.

Buy a bike over $2000 through Service Course Velo and the bike consult is pro bono, the fit is thrown in (again a $50 charge usually) , free entry to the cross clinic at Cycle Analysis, free sticker, and free t-shirt, but this time I’ll pay for your entry fees for the whole Southern Oregon Outlaw Cyclocross Series.

Remember, this offer is for cross newbies. If you have a few seasons under your belt, swing by and I’m certain we can talk and establish a proper sliding scale to still get you a great deal on a new rig and some schwag thrown your way.

Here’s the sweet sticker and design for the t-shirt. If you have no collection of the t.v. show “Yo!MTV Raps!” then I don’t know what to tell you. This is what you get.

Yo SCV cross

One response

  1. Bill

    I knew there was a reason I was on facebook at 6 am. I had to ring the XC cowbell when I read this.

    August 23, 2013 at 6:13 am

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