Service Course Velo is a Rogue Valley bike shop designed to serve the needs of the cycling enthusiast.

The term “Service Course” literally translates to “Race Department” in French.  If you are an Italian or just love all things Campagnolo, you would say, “Reparto Corse” or “Servezio Corse”, which would be the Race or Service Department.  The British adopted the French phrase exactly as it is spelled and gave it their own pronunciation and brought it to the rest of the English speaking world, much like they did with “lieutenant”.  Although I’ve no idea how the Brits think that is pronounced “Lef-tenenat”.  So while it may translate to “Race Department”, we say “Service Course” in our own accent and mean the same thing. Once again, it’s probably good we stuck with our own phoenetic pronouncing of the French term.  It’s much like how we use the term “Tour de France” instead of Tour of France.  It just sounds better.

For teams and clubs, ranging from amateurs to full Pros, the Service Course serves as the hub of operations.  It’s the home of the mechanics and all of the team equipment.

Service Course Velo takes that original meaning, expands on it, and adapts it to our local community.  It is the home of the mechanic, a resource for knowledge and information, a place for parts and accessories, and a social hub for riders and racers.  It is the headquarters for all of your cycling adventures.

The atmosphere of the shop is one of personal service and attention to detail. Service Course Velo relies on customer referrals, so our reputation is important.  Our emphasis is on service.  Service Course Velo distinguishes itself from other shops in key ways:

  • Service Course Velo strives to work in partnership with each and every customer to provide you with the best service and resources to make your cycling experience as satisfying as it can be.
  • Our service department is not an afterthought.  Our work area is the centerpiece of the shop. Our shop name is a constant reminder that how your bike functions greatly affects your enjoyment of the sport.
  • Our service is absolutely top quality, completed in a timely, professional manner at a reasonable rate.
  • Service Course Velo is the only shop in the valley to offer pick up and drop off of repairs every day we are open.
  • We stock and sell products we believe in. These are products we use ourselves and are from companies that promote the sport and are socially and environmentally conscious. When you shop at Service Course Velo, you get the best in quality and value.
  • Whether you are a first time rider, commuter, weekend warrior, or a high-performance racer, Service Course Velo strives to be the foremost resource for all your cycling needs.

Feel free to contact Service Course Velo

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